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Directed by Shane Black
Starring: Russell Crowe. Ryan Gosling. Angourie Rice.
A couple of people say you’re a pretty good detective. I want you to help me with this case.
 - Jackson Healy

Shane Black’s latest venture into a comedy produces a perfect double-act in Crowe and Gosling.

It is 1977 and Holland Marsh (Ryan Gosling) is hired to investigate the apparent suicide of famous porn star Misty Mountain (Marielle Telio). His trail leads him to private eye Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) a brass knuckled operator who doesn’t wait very long for an answer before he knuckles down on your head.

Marsh and Healy are forced to team up and they encounter a world filled with goons and strippers dressed as mermaids. The people they meet may not feel comfortable in their presence but we the audience are definitely are – ‘nice’ may be an exaggerated euphemism for their tactics, but they are funny in this smart, thrilling and entertaining movie.
Crowe is incredible and plays off Gosling’s humour perfectly, while Gosling excels as a comedic actor and seems to relish the chance to be funny and to escape from his blood-soaked roles for director Nicolas Winding Refn.
He has a natural talent for physical comedy and his spot-on timing of delivering smart and very funny dialogue. Gosling was advised by his psychotherapist to do comedy roles and he has wisely taken that advice.
The supporting cast deliver too: Kim Basinger as Judith Kuttner is great and reminds us of her role in the classic noir thriller L.A. Confidential. Matt Bonner is a terrifying killer and Keith David sparks all cylinders as the Older guy.

And there is a scene-stealer in Angourie Rice as Holly March who demands your attention when she is on the screen.

Go see for yourself.


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