May 2015 Issue No 25
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4 Editorial
5 Danny Collins  (Trailer)
An aging rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year-old letter written to him by John Lennon.
9 Samba  (Trailer)
An immigrant from Senegal arrives in France looking for work. He is helped by a charity worker who has suffered a burn-out from being a senior executive.
13 A Fuller Life  (Trailer)
A documentary on the director Samuel Fuller in which his friends and admirers read from his memoirs.
17 The Connection  (Trailer)
A French police magistrate spends years trying to take down one of the country's most powerful drug rings.
21 Close-Up on Al Pacino
23 Cannes - Film Fest Follower - Cannes
MbM looks at the Cannes Film Festival
30 Coming Soon
31 DVD of The Month - The Theory of Everything  (Trailer)
A look at the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.
32 Danny Collins  (Poster)

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