October 2016 Issue No 42
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3 Editorial
4 Deepwater Horizon  (Trailer)
A story set on the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, which exploded during April 2010 and created the worst oil spill in U.S. history.
8 Little Men  (Trailer)
A new pair of best friends have their bond tested by their parents' battle over a dress shop lease.
12 The Fencer  (Trailer)
Fleeing from the Russian secret police, a young Estonian fencer is forced to return to his homeland, where he becomes a physical education teacher at a local school. The past however catches up and puts him in front of a difficult choice.
16 A Date For Mad Mary  (Trailer)
'Mad' Mary McArdle returns to Drogheda after a short spell in prison - for something she'd rather forget. Back home, everything and everyone has changed. Her best friend, Charlene, is about to get married and Mary is to be her maid of honour.
20 The Girl On The Train  (Trailer)
A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life.
24 New York - Film Fest Follower (New York)
MbM looks at the New York Film Festival
26 London - Film Fest Follower (London)
MbM looks at the London Film Festival
28 Rome - Film Fest Follower (Rome)
MbM looks at the Rome Film Festival
30  (Poster)
31  (Poster)
32 Deepwater Horizon  (Poster)

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