September 2017 Issue No 53
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3 Editorial
4 Water and Sugar  (Trailer)
A look at the life and work of Italian cinematographer, Carlo Di Palma.
12 Wind River  (Trailer)
An FBI agent teams with a town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder on a Native American Reservation.
16 Journey Through French Cinema  (Trailer)
Bertrand Tavernier's personal journey through French Cinema from films he enjoyed as a boy to his own early career told through top creative figures.
20 The Odyssey  (Trailer)
Highly influential and a fearlessly ambitious pioneer, Jacques Cousteau's aquatic adventure covers roughly thirty years of an unarguably rich in achievements life.
24 FilmFest Follower - Toronto
31 DVD:Their Finest
32 Water and Sugar  (Poster)

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