January 2018 Issue No 57
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3 Editorial
4 Molly's Game  (Trailer)
The true story of Molly Bloom an Olympic-class skier who ran the world's most exclusive high-stakes poker game and became an FBI target.
8 Bingo  (Trailer)
Based on a true story. Bingo is a film about the man behind the mask. Augusto is an actor hungry for a place in the spotlight, following in the footsteps of his mother, a stage artist in the 1950s.
12 The Post  (Trailer)
Pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government.
16 The Square  (Trailer)
A poignant satirical drama reflecting our times about the sense of community, moral courage and the affluent person's need for ego- centricity in an increasing uncertain world.
20 Sundance - Film Fest Follower - Sundance
Looking at the exciting and varied programme of the biggest film fest, screening independent films.
30 DVD of The Month - A Ghost Story  (Trailer)
In this singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence, a recently deceased, white-sheeted ghost returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his bereft wife.
31 DVD of The Month - Dunkirk
Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Commonwealth and Empire, and France are surrounded by the German Army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.
32 Molly's Game  (Poster)

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